East End Roofing is experienced in Flat roof repair East Hampton. We are experienced in the installation of torch down roofing systems, asphalt, rubber, and more. However, it can be easy for owners to forget flat roofing, just like other sloped roofing systems, still requires upkeep. Also, the signs of a damaged flat roof are similar to sloped roofs.

Flat Roof Repair East Hampton

Water Pooling

With sloping roofs, water can run off and gravity will pull the water downward to a roof’s edges and then gutter system. Flat roofing systems have drainage systems for water to slope toward. Thus, if you’re drainage system is clogged or if there is an uneven patch making water gather in one place the water will only have one place to go; down. This can lead to damages or leaks and is a sign that your flat roof need be repaired. Replacement may not be needed at this point.

Finding Holes

Holes are a huge sign that your flat roof need be repaired. However, finding them before they become a huge problem and more costly can be hard. Thus, this dilemma can be made easier by setting up a routine to check over your entire flat roof monthly. “Preventative measures are better than a cure.”


If there are areas within your home in your home with excess moisture this could be a sign that your flat roof is in need of repairs. Most homeowners are quick to assume these issues are the cause of plumbing, but a professional can locate and solve the issue. Before you grab your wrench, call and get a professional opinion. East End Roofing would be happy to assist.