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Roof Flashing Repair Aquebogue NY

Your roof is an integral part of protecting your home. It helps to ensure that rain or snow stays on the outside and that water flows off to your gutters. A quality roof is made up of many components, including flashing and other materials. When any one of these elements fails, your roof might not hold up as well as it should.

How to Fix Flashing Problems

If your roof has any small holes or areas of corrosion, these are signs that the flashing needs to be repaired. These issues can often be fixed by patching them up with new flashing material. For larger areas, though, it may be necessary to replace the entire piece of flashing.

How to Fix Base and Counter-Flashing

Several roof features, such as chimneys, require two pieces of flashing. The bottom piece, called base flashing, carries rain down to the shingles below, and counter-flashing (which is placed opposite the base flashing) completes the system and directs the water away from the chimney and down to the gutters.

How to Repair Loose Flashing

If the screws that anchor your flashing to the framing underneath start to pull out or the metal wears away around the edge of a hole where the flashing was originally locked in place, it can become loose and begin to leak. When this happens, the best thing to do is purchase new screws that match the metal of your existing flashing and screw them down into the framing below. Then, cover the heads of these screws with roofing cement to seal them in place and keep the flashing from falling off.