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Roof Flashing Repair in New Suffolk NY

Your roof acts as a barrier from the weather, protecting you and your home from wind, rain, damaging hail, heavy ice and snow deposits, and sun damage. However, it is susceptible to damage and requires regular maintenance and repairs. One of the most essential components of a roofing system is flashing, which helps defend exposed areas such as seams, valleys, vents and edges from water leakage.

The best way to ensure the integrity of your roof is by scheduling routine inspections from a professional contractor. This can increase the odds of spotting small roof problems before they become serious.

Identifying a Problem with Your Roof

You may notice cracks or holes on your roof or chimney. These are signs of deterioration in the flashing. The roof flashing is the metal strip that surrounds the exposed areas of the roof to protect them from damage. If your flashing is not in good condition, it will allow water to seep underneath the shingles and into your home’s interior.