East End Roofing is a trusted Roof flashing repair East Hampton company. We have experience in this service and guarantee homeowner satisfaction backed by tons of Google reviews. In fact, East End Roofing has years servicing the entire island through our roofing installs, repairs, upkeep, and replacement. Our business model is one of service and placing the customer first in every transparent part of our process.

Roof Flashing Repair East Hampton

Firstly, roof flashing is the (usually) galvanized steel installed at points where the roofing meets a home’s wall or dormer. The flashing is placed to prevent run off water from entering the home and causing damage to the home or shingles, etc. When it comes to the integrity of your home,”moisture is the enemy,” is the rule of thumb. Thus, any moisture that could cause damage or the growth of algae and moss is what we and your flashing aim to prevent.

Your flashing also helps prevent:

  • damage to shingles
  • moisture buildup between joints
  • algae or moss growth

Need Help With Your Roof Flashing ?

We at East End Roofing are experienced and have the tools needed to repair your roof flashing. It is important to note that roof flash failure need be caught before major issues arise. Thus, we recommend to all of our clientele the addition of roof flashing. If any job is worth doing, it is worth doing right and it would not be right to leave any vulnerable joints of your roofing system under protected. So, we also recommend contacting a professional at the first sign of moisture buildup if your home does not already have roof flashing. We hope that East End Roofing is the professional team you turn to and will be ready when you call.