Roof Inspection Cutchogue NY

Find the Source of Your Roof Leak

Find out where the leak is coming from by inspecting your roof. Look for gaps, cracks or rust that could be causing water to seep in through the shingles, sheathing or other areas.

Once you have identified the source of the leak, you can fix it by removing and replacing any shingles that are damaged or rotting. Patching the gaps with cement will also help seal the shingles together and protect the roof from future damage.

Roof Shingles Repair

In addition to repairing the shingles, you should also repair any holes or cracks in your roof that are causing the leak. This can be done by using waterproof sealant, caulk, or tar paper.

Doing the job yourself is not recommended, as it can result in further damage to your roof and home. A professional roofing contractor can be hired to perform a full roof repair, including replacement of any broken shingles or other materials that are causing the leak.