Skylight Flashing Repair Southampton NY

Skylights are an impressive feature of any home. They enhance the overall look of your property, add a touch of class to your interior decor and are an effective way to increase your homes resale value.

Keeping your skylights in top condition is a must for any homeowner to avoid costly repairs down the road. Whether you have a traditional, tilt or fixed skylight there is a good chance that it needs a little TLC from time to time.

The best part of a skylight is that it can bring natural light to dark corners of your home. This can not only make the space feel brighter, but it can also help you enjoy a more open floor plan by opening up your living spaces.

However, just like any other structural component of your home, skylights can also become a source of water damage. If the flashing on your skylight isn’t well-placed or installed, it can lead to extensive water damage throughout your home.

Most skylights are manufactured with a special flashing that is designed to keep water from seeping through the window and causing damage to your roof, siding, and even your walls.