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Skylight Repair

Skylight repair in East Hampton is a staple service we at East End Roofing take pride in. Skylights are an opportunity for home owners to save money while also adding to their home’s resale value. In fact, being able to turn off your AC and instead look through an open skylight should be a “win-win” for home owners. Especially during the scorching summers in New York, for owners in East Hampton, a skylight is a huge benefit. However, with age, worn flashing, and other causes, skylights can become damaged or unusable. When this happens, there are only two things to do:

  • Call an expert to diagnose your home’s skylight issues. Without a proper assessment of the situation, you will not know what next steps are possible let alone “feasible”
  • Then, move forward based on the information received from your trustworthy skylights contractor. If caught early enough, it could be more economical repair than to replace your skylights.

We recommend you seek an expert and avoid taking risks to your safety and/or the integrity of your home. Still, with some guidance, it is possible to complete some skylight repairs yourself or “DIY.”

Types of Skylights

As we’re sure you’re already aware, skylights are essentially “controlled” holes within your roofing system. At their simplest without flashing, a mounted curb, etc. , at their root, roof windows are just that; a hole or window in your roof. In fact, they are also known as “roof windows” and with skylights or any other part’s of your home’s exterior, “water is the enemy” is still the acting rule. Still, there are different types of skylights, with different expectations on when their components are likely to need repair. The three most popular types of skylights:

  • Vented skylights flashings are more likely to leak than their fixed counterparts. This is due to ventilated roof window units’ function of opening up to let air into your home or closing to stop said airflow.
  • Fixed skylights do not open up with the benefit to such a design being that their seal and flashing will usually outlast vented skylights in terms of leakage.
  • Tubular skylights are designed to allow for flexible skylight installations. Their tubing can be placed through small corridors, tiny deliberate holes in roofing, and more. When damaged, the tubular tunnel of a solar tube skylight can be repaired. In fact, just as with vented and fixed skylights, tube skylights flashing and seal can also be repaired.
Skylight Frame Repair

Parts of a Skylight

Skylights are made up of the following elements:

  • Glazing – The skylight’s window
  • Frame – Supports the skylight “glass,” “lens,” or “glazing”
  • Sash – Ventilating component of a vented skylight; the part that opens out
  • Cladding – Aluminum protection that holds the skylight glass within its frame
  • Curb – A wooden frame created with plywood that elevates the skylight above the roof deck
  • Underlayment – Wrapped around the skylight frame or curb; adds an extra layer of protection against water damage
  • Flashing – A waterproof metal component that creates a seal between the roof deck and skylight (or curb)
Most Common Causes of Skylight Leaks

Most Common Causes of Skylight Leaks

The most common cause of skylight leaks is improper flashing installation. Skylights are roof windows that are constantly facing the elements, “open up” the spaces underneath, and thusly their sealing components must form a lasting membrane defending the roof from water damage. When improperly installed, without an impenetrable seal, water will pass through the skylight’s flashing. The other most common causes of skylight leaks are skylight age and damaged skylight flashing.

Skylight Leak Repair DIY or Hire A Pro?

Skylight Leak Repair DIY or Hire A Pro?

So, how do you fix a leaking skylight? Skylight repair should be handled by an expert. However, if you have the confidence and toolset needed for the project, then the task may certainly be possible. Still, without a proper inspection from a Hamptons skylight contractor, you could end up doing more damage than good. April is rainy season for us Long Islanders and though we never truly know when a rain storm will happen, your home should be prepared. Call us today for a free estimate and inspection of your skylight’s integrity. Lets fix your skylight leaking so you can focus on the awesome events happening while the sun is out.


Is it common for skylights to leak?

It is very common for skylights to leak. As it is common for flashing to wear down and for the improper installation of skylight sealing tends to be a likelihood.

How do I temporarily cover a leaking skylight?

Before purchasing any roof tarping we highly recommend having a licensed and insured contractor help. A team of skylight contractors, like ours, will have insurance and the right equipment. Don’t risk your self or any loved ones slipping on your wet roofing.

How do I know if my skylight seal is broken?

An expert can determine where your skylight leak is coming from

Can a leaking skylight be repaired?

Skylight repair depends on what is causing the skylight’s leaking. Consult an expert, give us a call today for more information.

How do you waterproof a leaking skylight?

For leaks around a skylight lens, silicone caulking can be used for sealing. For the flashing, you can use roofing cement to fix it. It is important to have weather seals installed on your roof because they create an additional watertight barrier.

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