Skylights Repair Napeague NY

Skylights bring in natural light and offer a bird’s eye view of the outdoors. They also provide an excellent source of supplemental energy, making them a good addition to any home. But skylights can also have their drawbacks, like leaks and cracks that could cause a safety hazard. If your skylight has cracked or is leaking, it’s time to call in a professional for repairs or replacement.


Typically caused by poor installation, aging, or a compromised roofing material, skylight leaks can lead to serious damage to your home and its structural integrity. The good news is that skylights can be repaired to extend their life and prevent further damage. Unlike most window products, skylights have a tendency to get cracked or damaged from environmental conditions such as sun and weather. We at East End Roofing can also have problems with their flashing that prevents them from leaking. The best way to handle these issues is to contact a qualified roofer or roofing contractor that specializes in skylight repair. They will be able to assess the problem, suggest the most effective fix, and get it done in a timely manner.